No Additives

Chemical additives, like preservatives and artificial colors, flavors, or aromas, have a negative effect on our health every time we eat them.
In many cases, these chemicals make our lives much less pleasant. It’s very difficult to make the right decisions in the supermarket and come home with a product that is genuinely healthy.

Because we freeze our products, we don’t have to use any chemical preservatives, either.


Our health is determined by what we eat and how much we exercise.
If we want to feel fit and have a healthy old age, we need to think carefully about what we eat.

Soon you will finally be able to find healthy, affordable food in the supermarket. Our delightful products will help people be healthy, have more energy, and maintain a healthy weight.


In November 2013 we decided that we were going to start marketing healthy food. We had seen that a change was necessary in supermarket food, and we wanted everyone to have the option of buying healthy food at an affordable price.

We decided to use edible insects instead of traditional meat.
Insects are a good replacement for meat: They taste delicious and they are incredibly healthy.
Healthy food should not have any chemical colors, flavors, or aromas.

Stop eating chemicals and start eating Nochey!