We chose to use edible insects as the main ingredient in our products.

We did this because:

Insects are very delicious. Insects are extremely healthy. Insects are high in nutritional value. Raising insects is much more environmentally friendly than raising traditional meat animals.

health-heartAt present, more than half the world’s population regularly eats insects. Only the Western world has forgotten how to eat insects – but insects were a popular food in ancient Greece and Rome. It’s time we rediscovered this nutritious food source! The global population is increasing rapidly, and current meat production cannot keep up with this growth. An increasing meat shortage will mean that the price per kilogram of meat will go up. A good alternative is essential – and now we have one! Insects are more nutritious than meat. They are high in protein, iron, and vitamins A, B2, and D; so in terms of nutritional content they are comparable to pork, chicken, or beef. In addition, the percentage of fat is usually lower, and the type of fat is generally healthier, than in traditional meat. Insect meat contains lots of unsaturated fats like linoleic acid.

The environment

Eating insects instead of beef, pork, or chicken is beneficial to the environment.

Raising insects is more environmentally friendly than raising traditional meat animals.

Much less land is needed to raise insects, and the CO2 emissions are significantly lower.

And insects need much less food than traditional meat animals. It takes three times less food to produce one kilogram of edible insects than it does to produce one kilogram of beef. And finally, insects produce a lot less manure than cattle, pigs, or chickens.