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Insects Are As Good A Source Of Iron As Beef


Source: Forbes, 17-10-2016 Sam Lemonick,  Contributor I guess I’ll go eat worms, because it turns out they have more iron than sirloin beef. Crunchy honeycomb moth larvae in a store of Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo. Jumbo is the first national […]

Holland Food Valley pavilion @ IFT Food Expo 2016


Bron: Holland Food Valley, 26-05-2016 From July 17 to 19, the Holland Food Valley pavilion will be hosting a selection of the Netherlands’ most innovative companies at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago. This 10th edition of Food Valley NL’s highly successful […]

Insect protein for animal feed considered in EU


Source:, 06-01-2016 Recent changes to European regulations may be a sign that insect protein will soon be entering the animal feed market. The edible insect sector was a buzz in late 2015 as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published […]

Nochey presents to an audience of 1500!


At the 5th of May 2015 Frank Kamsteeg was invited tos peak at the NAC (National Achievers Congress) in the RAI in Amsterdam, in front of 1.500 people. The presentation was all about the positive corporate developments of Nochey BV […]

Edible Insects – Food by the numbers


Source: National Geographic / Kelsey Nowakowski As incomes rise in developing countries, so too does the demand for meat, but raising livestock uses a lot of resources. Eating insects – already common in many tropical countries – could be an […]

Could insects be the wonder food of the future?


Source: – Emily Anthes (2014) Billions more hungry mouths are going to put more strain on the planet’s resources. Can eating creepy crawlies offer a solution? Emily Anthes reports. At first my meal seems familiar, like countless other dishes I’ve eaten […]

U.N. Urges Eating Insects; 8 Popular Bugs to Try


Source: National Geographic/Jennifer Holland (2013) From beetles to stinkbugs, people in dozens of countries eat insects. Ants are sweet, nutty little insects, aren’t they? I’m not talking about their personalities, but how they taste. Stinkbugs have an apple flavor, and […]

Man Bites Insect


Source: The New York Times/Sam Nejame (2008) David Gracer eats bugs. Not any old crushed, oozy, sidewalk kind of bug, but insects selected just like any other food — for sustenance and taste. He eats them sautéed, filleted and roasted. […]